Theatre review: Crazed

The student flat is a setting rife with dramatic potential: an assorted group of young folk, hoaching with hormones and still discovering their place in the world, thrown together in the most personal of shared spaces. If you've never experienced it for yourself (or maybe want to revisit the good old days), Ecce Theatre's Crazed is as authentic a portrayal as you could want.

Rating: ***

Venue: C Nova (Venue 145)

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Over the course of a semester-and-a-half, Callie, Liv, Joe, Milo, Nick and Rosie drink, dance, bicker, kiss, fall in love, fall out of love and fall back in again.

The chat between the ensemble is free-flowing and natural, and despite some characters being a bit thinly sketched (the no-bullshit truth-talker; the smart-mouth gay guy), their relationships are given depth by the cast.

Where Catherine Cranfield’s script stumbles is in the escalation of drama towards the play’s end – significant events develop and play out organically, but the characters barely have any time to react before the curtain falls. It’s a play that doesn’t so much end as just stop; after getting to know and feel fondness for these characters, it’s a shame not to see them experience some small measure of resolution.

• Until 29 August. Today 3:05pm