Preview: The Wedding Present, Liquid Room

Fans of The Wedding Present have been a bit spoiled over the last few years.

In 2007, these heroes of the indie Eighties celebrated the 20th anniversary of their seminal George Best album with a mammoth tour, performing their first release in full.

Three years later, incendiary second album Bizarro got the same treatment.

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And now it’s time for the eagerly-awaited live performance of their intense Seamonsters album, as well as a 40- minute set of other material, including songs from their new album Valentina.

David Gedge, the band’s founder and only constant member, was resistant at first to doing these anniversary shows, but he has no regrets now.

“A few years back, when someone suggested that we celebrate the anniversary of George Best, I was against the idea,” he says ahead of next week’s visit to Liquid Room.

“I felt more preoccupied with the future of the band than its history, but I came round to the idea and ended up really enjoying it.”

The Steve Albini-produced Seamonsters was recorded in just ten days and is easily the Weddoes’ darkest album, both in terms of content and sound.

It’s also the first album that Gedge, pictured left, feels nailed perfectly the band’s sound.

“The first two are good LPs, but I remember after making them thinking they didn’t really capture the sound that I had in mind,” he says. “With Seamonsters, it was the first time we managed to capture that big wave sound - and I was especially pleased with the album for that reason.”

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Most of the Weddoes’ indie contemporaries have long since packed in - so what is it that’s kept Gedge at it for so long?

“I got to be honest, I’m pretty much obsessed with it,” he laughs. “It’s kind of an addiction that I’ve got.

“I just love doing it so much and it just feels like my natural place to be.”

The Wedding Present, Liquid Room, Victoria Street, Wednesday, 7pm, £15, 0131-225 2564