Music review: Will Young, SEC Armadillo, Glasgow

Will Young PIC: Ken McKay/ITV/ShutterstockWill Young PIC: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Will Young PIC: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Why isn’t Will Young more popular? He’s famous, sure, and his devoted army of fans absolutely adore him, but he should’ve been the next George Michael. Instead he’s had to settle for being an infinitely more entertaining Paul Young. A cheerfully old-fashioned trouper, he puts on a great show, but tonight I was surrounded by conspicuously empty seats. It doesn’t seem fair.

Will Young, SEC Armadillo, Glasgow ****

Oh well. Those of us who did attend had a fabulous whale of a time. Seriously, the Will Young live experience is an endearingly, and knowingly, naff fiesta of camp comedy, disco bangers and beautifully sung ballads. He’s a charismatic, talented performer who doesn’t take himself seriously, but who, like Elton John, can somehow croon sincerely and convincingly while dressed in ridiculous outfits.

You wouldn’t catch Nick Cave punching his way out of a cardboard flight case or wearing a jaunty ship captain’s outfit with a foam ocean liner strapped around his middle, which is why, I think, Will Young is better than Nick Cave.

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This unabashedly paunchy and balding entertainer actually bothers to converse with his audience. He told unscripted stories and made fun of himself. He sang a genuinely beautiful medley of McCartney’s Golden Slumbers and You Never Give Me Your Money while perched on a plank suspended between stepladders, his legs dangling limply like Kermit the Frog. He closed with Evergreen and Leave Right Now (his best song), still dressed in his nautical but nice shorts. He’s a pop wizard, a true star. Paul Whitelaw