Comedy review: Chapshtick

Edinburgh International Festival: The chaps are lovely and the shtick is absolutely delightful in this little giggle- and groan-filled show.

New Town Theatre (Venue 7)


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The chaps take ancient physical routines like attempting to put up a music stand and mix them with daft new ideas to make fresh laughter.

The show is adorable in its minimalism, having more of a toybox than a props or costume department, although mention must be made of the sound operator and the panoply of interestingly timed effects, the marvellous sports-based running gag being the perfect example.

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The chaps themselves are mild-mannered and entrancing. They get laughs out of two newspapers, a sketch-long bubbling of laughter from some small hair-combs and a pint of water, and hilarity from a tumbling ladybird toy. Their recreation of Lady and the Tramp had the entire audience oooo-ing and just when you think they cannot get any sweeter, everyone gets a chunk of fudge.

I’m not entirely sure about their yoghurt-based ending, but by that time I was so happy that I didn’t really care. They certainly started my Fringe day with a smile.

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Until 27 August. Today 4:10pm.