Glasgow Warriors unveil new badge - fan reviews are mixed

The new Glasgow Warriors badge.
The new Glasgow Warriors badge.
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Glasgow Warriors have revealed a new badge to replace the previous design ahead of the 2019/20 Pro14 season.

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While the depiction of a warrior remains the same, the new logo focuses only on the snarling face of the fighter, whereas the previous version incorporated the upper body and combat weapons.

Barring a three-season spell as Glasgow Caledonian, the club has used a variation of the previous badge since 1996.

The change was announced in conjunction with a new Warriors website.

Though the club have heralded this as the beginning of a "new era" for Glasgow, supporter reaction was mixed on social media with many questioning why the need for a new badge.

@mandyythomsonn wrote: "Can’t see any reason for a costly rebrand other than it being a money making exercise to entice fans to buy new clobber."

@Skeptical_G said: "That badge is bloody atrocious Glasgow. An utter embarrassment. An unwanted & unnecessary re-brand simply for the sake of it. I don’t see myself buying much in the way of gear with that childish badge on it."

@graemebrown86 queried: "So basically a new era is paying some marketing agency to come up with a rebrand? Preferred the old logo tbh."

However, not every response was negative. Some believed the time was right for a change and preferred the new design.

@garethreynolds wrote: "Great rebrand! Loving how you brought the old Glasgow District shield into it. A much cleaner logo."

@normanmcleod tweeted: "It’s in keeping with the old warrior image, it’s incorporated the old GDRU shield which I am particularly fond of & the typeface is bold yet doesn’t overwhelm the design. Hats off to the team. Reminds me why I was proud to have played a small part of it once. #WeAreWarriors"