World Athletics Championships 2022: How much prize money do the medal winners get, when will Eilish McColgan race, UK event times and how to watch?

Scot Jake Wightman’s recent 1500m gold medal in the World Athletics Championships has led to renewed interest in the event being held in the USA – and there’s plenty more action to come.

Laura Muir is another Scot to have stepped on the podium at the competition, being held in Eugene, Oregon, with a brilliant bronze in the women's 1500m.

And Eilish McColgan – daughter of Scotland’s Olympic silver medallist and two-time Commonwealth Games Champion Liz McColgan – has ensured more Scottish interest by qualifying for the 5,000m final alongside British teammate Jessica Judd.

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British record holder and European Championship silver medallist McColgan ran a season's best 14:56.47 to advance.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening for the remainer of the championships.

When is Eilish McColgan running?

Eilish McColgan will be running in the Women’s 5000 Metres Final at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field Stadium at 6.25pm on the penultimate day of competition on Saturday, July 23.

The UK is eight hours ahead, which means the race will be at 2.25am on Sunday, July 24, UK time.

Eilish McColgan competing in the Women's 5000m heats on day six of the World Athletics Championships at Hayward Field on July 20, 2022 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What’s the upcoming schedule for the World Championships?

The UK is eight hours ahead of Oregon, meaning many of the events take place early in the morning.

Here’s what’s coming up, and when the events start in the UK:

Friday, July 22

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1.05am: Men’s Javelin Throw Qualification - Group A

1.10am: Women’s 800 Metres Heats

2.10am: Men’s 5000 Metres Heats

2.20am: Men's Triple Jump Qualification

2.35am: Men’s Javelin Throw Qualification - Group B

3.00am: Men’s 800 Metres Semi-Final

3.35am: Women’s 200 Metres Final

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3.55am: Men’s 200 Metres Final

4.15pm: 35 Kilometres Race Walk Final

Saturday, July 23

1.05am Men’s Pole Vault Qualification

1.40am: Women’s 4x100 Metres Relay Heats

2.05am: Men’s 4x100 Metres RelayHeats

2.20am: Women’s Javelin Throw Final

2.35am: Women’s 800 Metres Semi-Final

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3.15am: Women’s 400 Metres Final

3.35am: Men’s 400 Metres Final

3.50am: Women’s 400 Metres Hurdles Final

5.50pm: Men’s 100 Metres Decathlon

6.40pm: Long Jump Decathlon

7.20am: Women’s 100 Metres Hurdles Heats

8.00pm: Women’s Long Jump Qualification

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8.10pm: Men’s Shot Put Decathlon

Sunday, July 24

12.10am: Men’s High Jump Decathlon

1.10am: Women’s 4x400 Metres Relay Heats

1.40am: Men’s 4x400 Metres Relay Heats

2.00am: Men’s Triple Jump Final

2.10am: Men's 800 Metres Final

2.25am: Women’s 5000 Metres Final

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2.35am: Men’s Javelin Throw Final

2.55am: Men’s 400 Metres Decathlon

3.30am: Women’s 4x100 Metres Relay Final

3.50am: Men’s 4x100 Metres Relay Final

2.15pm: Men’s 35 Kilometres Race Walk Final

5.35pm: Men’s 110 Metres Hurdles Decathlon

6.30pm: Men’s Discus ThrowDecathlon - Group A

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7.40pm: Men’s Discus Throw Decathlon - Group B

8.15pm: Men’s Pole Vault Decathlon - Group A

9.15pm: Men’s Pole Vault Decathlon - Group B

Monday, July 25

1.05am: Men's Javelin Throw Decathlon - Group A

1.10am: Women’s 100 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final

1.25am: Men's Pole Vault Final

1.50am: Women’s Long Jump Final

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2.05am: Men’s 5000 Metres Final

2.10am: Men’s Javelin Throw Decathlon - Group B

2.35am: Women’s 800 Metres Final

3.00am: Women’s 100 Metres Hurdles Final

3.20am: Men’s 1500 Metres Decathlon

3.35am: Men’s 4x400 Metres Relay Final

3.50am: Women’s 4x400 Metres Relay Final

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How can I watch the World Athletics Championships on television?

The World Athletics Championships is available for free on the BBC, with much of the action broadcast live on BBC and BBC2, on the Red Button, and with catchup on the BBC iPlayer.

How much prize money do the athletes receive?

There’s a larger amount of prize money up for grabs than usual, thanks to a commitment by World Athletics to increase the pot for winning athletes, with a total pot of nearly $8.5 million.

In individual events, gold medal winners receive $70,000, with $35,000 for silver and $22,000 for bronze.

The next five top finishers also get prize money of $16,000, $11,000, $7000, $6000 and $5000 respectively.

In relay races the gold medal winners get $80,000, with the silver medallists receiving $40,000 and the bronze $20,000.

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The prize money is split equally between the athletes, meaning each gold winning runner in a 4x100m team would get $20,000.

There are also prizes for the next five relays finishers – $16,000, $12,000, $8000, $6000 and $4000 respectively.

Additionally, Japanese electronics company TDK has pledged to give $100,000 to gold medal winners who break an IAAF World Record.

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