Golf in Scotland dates back as far as late Middle Ages and these are 10 of the historic courses you can still play.

Scotland's Oldest Golf Course: Here are the 10 oldest Scottish golf courses you can still play - including Elie and North Berwick

When you tee off at any of these course you become part of a golfing tradition that dates back centuries.

Known around the world as the ‘Home of Golf’, Scotland has long been a dream destination for anybody who has ever picked up a club.

Dating back to the late Middle Ages, the game was first established and developed in Scotland, although there is some discussion about where it was actually invented.

Today the R&A, based in St Andrews, governs the sport worldwide alongside their sister operation in the USA.

The St Andrews Old Course is the best known of over 550 public and private courses in Scotland and participation in golf remains high, with little of the elitist that exists elsewhere in the world.

Many of the courses on offer date back to the very foundations of the game, with holes that have remained relatively unchanged for lifetimes.

Here are the 10 oldest courses in Scotland, which track the history of the game, according to Scottish Golf History.

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