Who will get their hands on this in December? (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

World Cup Qatar 2022: Which team has won the World Cup most, including Brazil, Argentina, Germany

While the order may change come the end of the Qatar World Cup, here is a full list of each team that has won the world’s most prestigious trophy – including when they have won it.

We all remember our first World Cup final.

Be it Zinedine Zidane’s 1998 masterclass in Paris, Maradona’s Mexico moment or Mario Kempes double to defeat the Dutch, the World Cup final rarely fails to leave a mark such is its elite status as football’s premier international tournament.

And with a controversial winter World Cup taking place for the very time this year in Qatar, it is sure to be a final that will be recalled for years to come – but who will win it?

In total, there have been eight nations that have lifted the trophy aloft in their history, but who has won it the most?

Here is the full list of each nation to win the World Cup, when they won it and their last World Cup victory.

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