VAR is here to stay as Crawford Allan explains how it adds 'value and accuracy to Scottish football diet'

Head of refereeing operations does not envisage the Scottish game without VAR

Scottish referees chief Crawford Allan says VAR will continue to be part of “the Scottish football diet” despite an independent review panel claiming there had been a sharp increase in wrong decisions with the technology.

The IRP judged that 16 key match incidents (KMIs) have reached an incorrect outcome since the start of the season – with 13 of them coming in the second full round of cinch Premiership fixtures. This is a rise from three wrong calls from the first full round of matches, with VAR continuing to be a hot topic of conversation across Scottish football, with some managers expressing their disdain at the some of the decisions being made.

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However, Scottish FA head of referee operations Crawford Allan believes VAR continues to improve Scottish football and when asked if the technology will be in operation in Scottish football next season and is here to stay, Allan told the BBC. “Definitely. VAR is something that is now part of the top table of football at the top professional levels. Why would you want to get rid of something that factually does improve decision making in the game? Especially when there's money involved in it at that level of the game. That's what it was brought in for – and we've got proof that it is adding value and accuracy to the Scottish football diet, if that’s the right word.”

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