Revealed: How much Celtic and Rangers could make from Europa League

Celtic and Rangers are both one stage from reaching the Europa League group stages.

If Celtic defeat Lithuanian champions Sūduva Marijampolė and Rangers emerge from their tie with Russia’s FC Ufa, Scotland will have two teams in the group stages of the competition for the first time since its rebranding in 2009.

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Uefa announced earlier this year that there would be an increase in the money distributed between clubs participating in the Europa League to €510 million, with €60 million in additional contributions.

Celtic and Rangers are one tie away from the Europa League group stages. Picture: Clive Rose/Getty

The money available in Europe’s secondary competition pales in comparison to the Champions League where qualification for the group stages earns a club €15.25 million alone. On top of that there is €2.7m awarded per win and €900,000 per draw plus substantial revenue from the TV market pool and coefficient ranking.

Celtic will therefore see a drop in income from the last two seasons but there is still good money to be made in the Europa League.

Brendan Rodgers’ men receive €1.4 million in solidarity payments from dropping out of the Champions League qualifiers.

• First qualifying round – €280,000

• Second qualifying round – €380,000

• Third qualifying round – €480,000

• Additional payment - €260,000

Rangers, meanwhile, have earned nearly €800,000 from qualifying so far.

• First qualifying round – €240,000

• Second qualifying round – €260,000

• Third qualifying round – €280,000

If either side lose their play-off match they will receive a further €300,000.

Qualification for the group stages is worth €2.92 million to each club with €570,000 per win and €190,000 per draw.

On top of that, €84 million is divided into ‘coefficient shares’, each worth €71,430. The lowest-ranked team will receive one share with the highest-ranked team receiving €3.42 million, or 48 shares.

Celtic are positioned 45 Europe’s coefficients so are in a good position for a high share, whereas Rangers are 151st, with the coefficient based on a ten-year ranking.

In addition, €168 million will be, according to Uefa website, “distributed according to the proportional value of each TV market represented by the clubs taking part in the UEFA Europa League (group stage onwards)”.

Qualification from the group sees the competition become even more lucrative with each group winner netting €1 million each and the runners-up €500,000.

• Qualification for the round of 32: €500,000

• Qualification for the round of 16: €1.1 million

• Qualification for the quarter-finals: €1.5 million

• Qualification for the semi-finals: €2.4 million

• Qualification for the final: €4.5 million

The winners earn an extra €4 million.