Scotland star urges squad to end 'brutal' tournament exile and 'galvanise' the nation with Euro qualification

Scotland captain Rachel Corsie has urged the squad to end their tournament exile and inspire the nation by qualifying for Euro 2025

Scotland captain Rachel Corsie said her team-mates need to use their “brutal” tournament exile to “galvanise” the nation as they return to Hampden Park to face Slovakia on Tuesday.

Pedro Martinez Losa’s side began their qualifying campaign with an uninspiring 0-0 draw in Serbia but upon their return to Hampden, Aston Villa defender Corsie believes the squad must dial into their recent tournament heartbreak in order fuel a successful Euro 2025 qualifying campaign - starting with tomorrow’s night home qualifier against Slovakia.

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"Having experienced what it is like to get there, know there are players and an environment here that has been created and is really trying to push and deliver performances - it is really tough. It’s brutal" noted the skipper.

“I watched a lot of the Euros and the World Cup and I would have said before both tournaments that I don't think I could face it. Being a football fan, you want to see it. You just wish so much you were there. Everyone will be different but personally that's a motivation.

“The tournaments in Netherlands and France were amazing but now what the host nations put on and the exposure you get - that is growing as well. Yes, I've experienced it but I want to experience it now because each tournament seems to get better in every single way.”

The heat was turned up on head coach Pedro Martinez Losa after Scotland’s draw in Lescovac left his side without a competitive win in 16. However, Corsie insists there is more than enough talent in the dressing-room to be able to qualify for the Euros in Switzerland next summer.

"We've got a group that's full of talent but the margins are so tight now,” said the Scotland captain. “You just have to try your best to channel that into a new campaign and try and find that little bit extra that just gets you over the line.

"It does come down to how we perform. Results will be the biggest thing. We want a big number to want to come on Tuesday but also we need to want there next window to be more and the one after even more than that. We need to keep trying to move that number upwards because we've seen the massive impact that can have on results and also for everybody.

"I know we have a culture in this country of people that love sport and people love football. We have to make try and make that something that brings people together for whatever reason that might be. Going together with friends or just because you love Scotland.

“The international window's are close together, that can be really vital for us. A little bit of a good run in terms of results can galvanise a lot more people and you can build a strong army. Scotland are a nation that does well when we have that feeling amongst us.”

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Having suffered the heartbreak of missing out on back-to-back tournaments, long-time international team mate Jen Beattie became the latest player to announce her decision to retire from international football. For the Scotland skipper though, thoughts of her own international retirement couldn't be further from her mind.

"No. I definitely didn't consider it," Corsie explained. "I feel like playing for your national team is almost external, you just perform for your club. I honestly feel in really good shape physically, I feel maybe the best I've been.

“I've learned so much from the middle to now in my career because there are so many resources. I almost feel like I am still benefitting from that. For me, I'm so competitive and stubborn that I just won't almost take no for an answer internally.

"I look at what is the next level and how can I keep pushing, I think that's how you have to be as an individual and then it is up to Pedro and the staff on selection and you've got to keep performing at your club, which is a individual challenge from everybody.”

Scotland take on Slovakia this Tuesday at Hampden Park, with kick-off scheduled for 7.30pm.



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