Here are the top 3 best sports documentaries ever made - including Sunderland 'Til I Die

With the latest season of Sunderland 'Til I Die launching on Netflix this morning, we look at 3 of the best sports documentaries ever made.
Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of the legendary Chicago Bulls. Cr. Netflix.Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of the legendary Chicago Bulls. Cr. Netflix.
Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of the legendary Chicago Bulls. Cr. Netflix.

Sunderland 'Til I Die (Netflix)

Released during a time of overproduced, propaganda-filled football documentaries, this Fulwell73 production was a true-to-life style documentary that resonated with many football fans across the globe. Relegated from the Premier League, the show was originally meant to be a phoenix from the flames style docuseries that saw the Black Cats storm to immediate promotion - only for Sunderland to suffer a humiliating back to back relegation and land in the third tier.

While it was a tough watch for many fans of the Wearside club, it showcased how easy it is for a giant of a football club to fall from grace under poor ownership and offered a far more realistic view of what devoted fans go through on a weekly basis. It also showed why football clubs mean so much to the community they represent. The recent release of season three ends the series perfectly, with many of characters within the first two seasons getting their just rewards with the ultimate victory.

The Last Dance (Netflix)

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Quite possibly the best sports documentary ever made about the greatest sports teams of all time. The Last Dance is a 10 part docuseries that follows basketball legends Michael 'Air' Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the iconic Chicago Bulls team that dominated the NBA throughout the 90s.

While the talents of the legendary Bulls team are evident, the docuseries real strength is the level of depth it goes into with each of these much celebrated individuals. Showcasing the tension, the relationships and the standards each of them set in order to reach ultimate basketball glory.

Welcome To Wrexham (Disney+)

When Hollywood hero Ryan Reynolds and TV icon Rob McElhenney decided to buy non-league side Wrexham FC, it felt like it was primed for an documentary. While many expected a propaganda led football documentary that was over produced, we were pleasantly surprised when we were given a documentary that showed us the genuine passion the two big name owners and the Welsh town had for their football club.

A genuine triumph that showed the world why being a millionaire doesn't make running a football club any less difficult or any less painful.



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