‘Well done Ann Budge, some sense at last’ - Fans react to Hearts closing part of Tynecastle over misconduct

Hearts fans and supporters of other Scottish clubs have been reacting to Ann Budge’s decision to close part of the Wheatfield Stand in response to misconduct at matches.

Aye, Aye Postie wrote on Twitter: “Spot on. This bad behaviour is coming from the fans only. If you are one of them then man up and own it cause it’s your fault. If they’re your mates or you stand next to them or behind them or even if you see them and do nothing? Then you’re as bad.”

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Martin added: “I really can’t comprehend why so many fans see this as a bad thing - it’s not! Well done Ann Budge some sense at last from a football club.”

Flares were let off during Saturday's derby. Picture: SNS Group

Eckauskas said: “Folk spectacularly missing the point here. As unfortunate as it is that the 95 per cent of decent folk are being punished for the actions of the stupid minority, this doesn’t happen if folk don’t chuck stuff on the park.”

Stuart Lyon added: “Well said Mrs Budge.”

Calum McDonald quipped: “Can we not close the pitch as well?”

Kel Jack wrote: “Maybe if the fans could behave themselves Budge wouldn’t be having to take these measures.”

A Rangers fan added: “Credit to Hearts for taking action and calling out the so-called fans who are damaging their club. Precedent set? There’s also a line, who determines when that line has been crossed? All examples quoted in the statement have clearly crossed the line but I hope that authorities aren’t trying to turn football into cinemas.”

Alan Nimmo wrote: “If we lose on Saturday no one will want to go for the rest of the season anyway. Think this focus is wrong when you see the impact of certain visiting fans.”

Stevie Dunn said: “Quite right to do so in my opinion... pity we come out with this against our own fans and choose to ignore the actions of the away support. Time and time again the Old Firm get away with their ***** - no statements and no cutting their allocation. Mental.”

The Gorgie Way said in response: “When we get our own fans sorted then action can be taken against the travelling support when they act up. She’s proved this already before with cutting their allocation, billing them etc.”

James Winter applauded the move: “Fully support this. It’s not difficult to support the team vociferously without breaching laws or offending other parties. Good to see the club taking a lead on this. Hopefully will encourage the other Scottish clubs to get their houses in order.”

Tomahawk added: “Implement the same actions and responses when Celtic visit. They act with impunity.”

Cunny1874 also wanted to see action against visiting fans: “Something needs to happen definitely but it’s double standards for me - move our own fans but happy to give Old Firm whole stand and take their money and listen to what comes out their mouths for 90mins. Maybe take a stand and cut them down to 700 as well.”

A St Johnstone supporter wrote: “Well done Hearts, hopefully the first and not the last club to start to combat what is quickly and sadly becoming the norm in stadiums all over Scotland.”