Scott Robertson’s long-overdue goal will help keeps his critics mum

IT WASN’T the best goal in his collection but it was the most keenly anticipated of Scott Robertson’s contributions.

It is three years since he last weighed in with a goal for Dundee United but at Tannadice yesterday he got the only one of the game to not only please his gaffer but also silence his mother.

“The manager has put a lot of emphasis on the fact that we need goals from elsewhere in the team and Paul Dixon scored against Dunfermline, and then it was Gary Mackay-Steven and now me and that’s helping the team out. The manager has mentioned it a lot! But I keep hearing it from my mum all the time as well; ‘You need to get another goal, you need to get another goal’.

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“Yeah, it’s been a while but it sounds worse than it was is when you say 2008. It was the end of 2008, so it’s been three years, but I was out injured for 18 months of that. But it was far too long without a goal. I have come close on plenty of occasions but good goalkeeping and bad finishing from me meant I had to wait.”

Yesterday it was a move he started and finished. “It’s not been bugging me but I have been desperate to score a goal. I really wanted to score and saw a chance and got myself into the box and thankfully I was able to take it. I won the ball in the middle of the park and played it down the line for Jon Daly and made my way into the box and Jon has put it in and all I had to do was make contact. If I had missed that I think I would have had to give up.”

But United also had to put in a shift defensively, with manager Peter Houston, pictured, praising his own players’ ability to repel the visitors’ pressure but he also gave credit to an opposition side which made life tough despite the ongoing difficulties at the Tynecastle club.

“Any thoughts that not being paid would affect them, you could put those to bed. They put difficult times to the back of their minds and put in a good performance.”