Scotland trending: Today’s most talked-about stories

Today’s top stories on social media from Scotland and beyond, including Alex Salmond and Black Friday fever

Double trouble: Alex Salmond missed the debate on action in Syria, in order to unveil a portrait of himself at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. Picture: Getty

Black Friday is coming

Shoppers are gearing up for the year’s biggest shopping day tomorrow - and sharing their excitement/horror over the event. With Scots forecasted to spend record amounts on Black Friday, it is likely to be a non-stop day for those determined to hunt down a bargain. On top of that, many retailers are bumping up their online deals, causing a flurry of activity around this shopping day.

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Top tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday

Tax credit cuts scrapped from Autumn Statement

In an unexpected turn of events, Chancellor George Osborne scrapped his planned tax credit cuts. Coming under fire from almost every angle, the cuts would have left many low income families with up to £1,000 less per year. The Chancellor decided the best move was to shelve the bill, rather than try and make amendments after the House of Lords vetoed it earlier this month.

BBC Three to move online

After months of debate and online petitions, the BBC has announced that BBC Three will be moved to an online streaming service only, beginning in February. Many people have expressed their disappointment with the decision even as the channel’s viewing figures have dropped over consecutive years.

Alex Salmond skipped debate to unveil portrait of himself

Alex Salmond, the former first minister, has come under fire for skipping a Westminster debate on Syria – to unveil his new portrait. Despite being the SNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesman, Salmond was absent from Westminster and instead attended First Minister’s Questions.

Hearts’ Jamie Walker left red-faced by blue-rinse

Walker decided to plump for the bold change of hairstyle during a visit to a friend’s house and made the dangerous call to let his mate do the honours, resulting in a startling new look.

While the 22-year-old attempted to keep a low profile, his stunned Hearts team-mates were not so shy – and goalkeeper Neil Alexander tweeted a picture of a sheepish Walker for the world to see.