Fans react to Celtic Park crush before Old Firm game

Five football fans were injured with one taken to hospital prior to Celtic's 1-0 defeat of Rangers after thousands were caught in a crush which forced some fans to climb walls to escape. Understandably fans had strong feelings about the incident.

Five fans were injured in a crush at Celtic Park.
Five fans were injured in a crush at Celtic Park.

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Video: Celtic fans injured in crush at Parkhead before Rangers game

@SonOfArthritis: "Hearing Celtic fans were hurt in a crush trying to get into the stadium today with at least one supporter taken to hospital. Rivalry aside, I genuinely hope nobody was seriously hurt. No one deserves to go and watch their team and end up in hospital."

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@ArdaParj: "Crush at Celtic Park today on way to the game. Scary stuff. Kids, older fans, disabled fans, all caught up in it. Miracle something serious didn’t happen. Police were absolutely atrocious. Folk climbing walls and fences to escape. Police horses getting spooked. Absolute miracle."

@CelticFCSLO: "Apologies to fans affected by overcrowding issue at North Stand earlier, the Club will be investigating the cause to ensure no recurrence"

@Sue14Roberts: "Who cares about the result of the match... getting supporters safely to and from their SEATS is much more important... horrified to hear of this today, needs addressing fully and thoroughly so it can never EVER happen again!!"

@Murf1956: "As a home fan I need to say it’s a horrible part of the stadium to be when its packed.. very frightening, especially when you have kids with you.."

@wittywelshy: "I was caught up in this with 10 year old nephew, and to say it was responded to quickly is farcical, not one steward nor police officer knew what to do, completely shambolic by all involved, lucky you never had more people [email protected] @policescotland"

@balmainbug: "I was caught up in this with my 75 yr old father. This crush was half an hour before KO. No police in sight. Cops in Springfield Road unsure where fans were to go. Very dangerous and not surprised to hear people have been injured."

@UkPele001: "I’m so grateful I was not caught up in that crush ,my wife Allison was and she told me how terrifying it was I’ve got to be honest I have experienced them at celtic park before and I have tried to avoid ever since I’m just glad fans got out ok without injury"

@StewartGilmour1: "Couldn’t help but notice tweets re tunnel under stands at Celtic Park, hope all ok. Was there at an international match years ago and could not understand how that was passed as safe. Had many meets and encounters with Council Safety Officers over the years and amazed by this."

@joemadine1: "No offence jp @CelticFCSLO but for Celtic to release this statement praising police & stewards is truly pathetic, that was the biggest shambles I’ve ever encountered at Celtic Park in my life yesterday & neither cops or stewards helped it"

@Michelle240499: "Caught in the crush pre match @ Celtic Park today, very frightening and absolutely no need for it. So many distressed children since that's the only way into the family section when those gates are closed. Hope the people taken to hospital are ok"

@KerriDocherty: "Absolutely horrendous scenes outside #Celtic Park today. The crush could have & should have been avoided. Many, many more could have been hurt or worse. Relieved I’m on holiday & wasn’t there, my thoughts to everyone affected"

@FranGilhooley: "Caught right in the middle of a life threatening crush today with my kids at Celtic Park. Adults screaming. Kids crying. Could hardly breath. How this can happen these days amazes me. Pure luck no one died! Scary stuff."