Video: Celtic fans injured in crush at Parkhead before Rangers game

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Several fans have been injured in an incident involving overcrowding at Celtic Park in the lead up to the game against Rangers.

As the game was about to kick off thousands of Celtic fans reportedly found themselves stuck in a confined space under the North Stand as they looked to get into the match.

Videos (such as the one above by John Molloy) and photographs were quickly posted online showing fans struggling to get through with some being forced to climb a wall to get out.

One concerned fan posted saying that it was the “closest thing to a crush” he’d seen in “18 years going to Celtic Park”.

While another added that the way the police handled the situation was “embarrassing”.

User @ArdaParj described the scene in a post on Twitter, they said: “Crush at Celtic Park today on way to the game. Scary stuff. Kids, older fans, disabled fans, all caught up in it. Miracle something serious didn’t happen. Police were absolutely atrocious. Folk climbing walls and fences to escape. Police horses getting spooked. Absolute miracle.”

Fans were angered by the lack of action from the police during the incident. Picture: PA

Fans were angered by the lack of action from the police during the incident. Picture: PA

Celtic fan John Molloy, who managed to film fans (see main video) trying to climb the wall to escape the crush, described the planning as “shocking” and the situation as being the “most dangerous” he can remember being involved with at the stadium.

It’s being reported that up to five people were injured in the incident and at least one fan was hospitalised.

The reason for the incident hasn’t been made clear, however fans pointed to road closures forcing fans to approach the enclosure from two sides as a big part of the problem.

Speaking about the incident, Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty of Police Scotland stated that lessons will be learned, he said: “Five people were treated by first aiders when fans were attempting to get into the stadium in the lead up to kick-off at Janefield St.

“Four people were treated at the scene and then went into the ground, and the other was taken to hospital after a fall from the wall bordering Janefield St.

“This was a dynamic situation, occurring ten minutes before the match started.

“Officers and stewards reacted quickly upon realising there was an issue and put in place measures to relieve the congestion.

“This included putting in place cordons to prevent further entry at Janefield St and opening up London Road to allow fans to access the stadium from the South.

“We work closely with Celtic Football Club to ensure the safety of all fans attending matches. We plan and practice various scenarios to ensure that if an incident occurs it will be dealt with as quickly as possible, as happened in this case.

“We will review today’s incident and work with Celtic to ensure any learning is quickly put in place.”

Celtic went on to win the match 1-0 through an Olivier Ntcham goal.