Celtic's Europa League opponent's bizarre pink tutu punishment

Celtic's Europa League opponents RB Leipzig's players will be forced to wear a pink tutu at training or spend hours cutting the grass at their stadium after a bizarre new punishment system was introduced.

The ambitious German side have decided to end the time-honoured practice of fining players for various misdemeanours because it has no impact due to the astronomical wages earned by players these days.

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Celtic: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Instead, RB Leipzig boss Ralf Ragnick has introduced a ‘wheel of misfortune’ for players who draw the ire of their manager.

RB Leipzig players have to undertake unusual punishments. Picture: SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP/Getty

The 12 different segments on the spinning wheel are: Pumping balls and cleaning them; train Academy kids on a day off; stadium tour guide; cut the grass for six hours; wear a pink tutu during training; fill the water bottles before training; work in the club shop for three hours; serve food and clean tables in the club cafe; wash the kits and clean the boots; pack the team bus; carry equipment and buy gifts for all of the club’s 60 employees and finally, no punishment.

Ragnick said: “Fines rarely do anything these days. It hurts the players more if they have less free time and these punishments are designed to do that.”