'A total kiddy-on Celtic man': Celtic fans react to Kieran Tierney's impending move to Arsenal

Kieran Tierney appears to be on the brink of joining Arsenal after it was reported that Celtic had agreed a transfer fee with the North London club.

Kieran Tierney celebrating after Celtic won the 2018 Betfred Cup final.

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Supporters took to social media in their thousands to air their thoughts on the fans' favourite moving on prior to the club reaching 10-in-a-row. Here is a collection of those reactions:

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Celtic: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports


@Jinky1967John: "Anyone who calls young Tierney a snake, rat etc are clearly not living in the real world. A young guy from Wishaw, won a treble treble, captained Celtic and now away to play in the most high profile league in the world. Well done young man."

@TJDSBlog: "I do think in a couple of seasons that Tierney will eclipse Andrew ‘Andy’ Robertson and go onto be one of the best Scottish players of all time. Good luck to him."

@Swanny532: "Can we stop treating Tierney like Rodgers? Tierney is an actual true fan of Celtic and will always be. Rodgers was only hear to get the accolades and boost his ego. If Tierney goes fair enough he just wants to have a new challenge and new experiences."

@TheJobSeller: "Is Tierney a "true Celtic man?" Of course he f****** is. Anyone who thinks this board weren't pushing him out the door for £25m is deluded. He is the ultimate product of our business model.....Cost f*** all and sold for massive money. Good luck to the boy."

Kieran Tierney celebrating after Celtic won the 2018 Betfred Cup final.

@RyanBennie_: "Wish KT all the best, the man is one of us. Potential stepping stone to become one of the best left backs in the world, do us proud ma bhoy."

@weelouise83: "So KT's away... disappointed it's actually happened. Also going to be disappointed if Sinclair leaves. Ah well we got a decent result tonight without them!"

@maradoddsy7: "I don't grudge Tierney his move at all & I wish him the best but what I will say is if we do go on and win 10 in a row & he's watching it on the telly I think he'll regret it."


@rrrrogan: "Tommy Burns, Henrik Larsson, Paul McStay, Paul Lambert leaving the European cup winners to ensure Celtic stopped the 10, Scott Brown - that’s real legends. Kieran “I’d sign for 10 years if I could” Tierney will fade away into obscurity, a total kiddy-on Celtic man."

@SovietCeltic: "Losing Tierney was inevitable... But I just can’t believe he’s going to end up at that joke hipster club that is Arsenal. If any club represented the opposite of what Tierney stands for its that second rate Disneyland trash club."

@TheMireCSC2002: "Tierney & Rodgers no much difference at all, Not a chance you walk out on the chance of immortality and 10 in a row. Megaphone for sale."

@Cr02887062: "Clear as day now that Tierney has not been injured, and wasn't being played as he was engineering a move and couldn't be risked in case of injury. Has anyone seen him on crutches?"

@pauldoc__: "If tierney goes to arsenal he’s worse than Rodgers and hope his hip f**** his career

@iaind93: "No celtic ‘fan’ leaves 2 years before 10, rat."

@bhoysviews: "Lenny saying not even aware of KT. But wishes him all the best - therefore he is aware . puppet on a f****** string - We are ran as profit making organisation, rather than a football team."

@kcarruthers92: "No ture celtic fan would ever leave when we are on the brink of the 10, f*** Tierney."

@dkmsean: "Losing the Stuart Armstrong, Brendan Rodgers, KT, and Sinclair songs in such a short time will be hard to overcome."