Rosemary Gallagher: Welcome to Scotsman Money

Welcome to our brand-new Scotsman Money supplement, part of a content strand that will include email newsletters, podcasts, and more.

We believe we’re filling a big gap for people across the country when it comes to all aspects of personal finance, from savings to mortgages and pensions to tax. And we’ll also cover related topics, such as how changes in legislation and policy could impact you, family financial planning for all generations, and money management in the global context.

Our unveiling of Scotsman Money is timely. From 6 April, with the start of the new tax year, big changes are being introduced. And on that date Scotland will also diverge further from the UK in the very important area of Income Tax – which you can read more about in these pages.

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Looking at the wider economy, many of us still face real cost-of-living pressures despite the rate of inflation falling. Insight into how to deal with such challenges is therefore more valuable than ever.

We’re bringing Scotsman Money to you in association with wealth manager Calton, and with support from Waverton Wealth and Aberdein Considine Wealth, who we’re delighted to have on board.

Each month you can read expert commentary from our sponsors, along with news, wisdom and opinion from other industry experts, as well as informed writers from The Scotsman.

This month, Calton explores the meaning of wealth, pointing out that before you can plan your finances, you should work out what you’re trying to do and why. Waverton Wealth looks at how recent changes to pension legislation could help people mitigate income tax rises in Scotland, and Aberdein Considine Wealth tackles the question of how to get better organised to be able to save or invest more.

Such guidance and information is vital for financial decision making, including how to find the safest place for investments, moving to a new family home, paying school fees, inheritance tax planning, how to prepare for retirement, and what to do with the proceeds of selling a business or property.

We hope that Scotsman Money will help people make the best financial decisions for their circumstances at all stages of their lives

We hope you enjoy reading our first edition. If you want to get in touch, or if you have a personal finance question you would like answered, please email: [email protected] and subscribe to our newsletter at

- Rosemary Gallagher is commercial editor at The Scotsman



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