Temperature to soar up to 18C in Scotland this week

Scotland is set to bask in above average temperatures of up 18C this week.

The incredible views from Ben Oss in the Southern Highlands. The temperature gauge could hit up to 18C in Scotland this week

A band of high pressure is set to bathe “a good deal” of the nation in spring sunshine that could see temperatures higher than average for the time of year, according to Met Office meteorologist Dean Hall.

The balmy settled spell, which comes with advice for people to remember to apply sun cream, is to be followed by cooler temperatures by the weekend.

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Mr Hall said: “The best of the sunshine will be across more eastern or southern parts of the UK and temperatures are set to creep up in the coming days.”

Aberdeenshire, the north-east and the south will enjoy “some fairly decent temperatures” which could get up to the mid-to-late teens.

London is usually about 11C to 12C and Aberdeenshire would be about 9C at this time of year, but as the nation heads towards the weekend the temperatures could be about 17C or 18C and it will feel warm in any sunshine, according to Mr Hall.

It is set to be a bit cooler by the weekend.

After a fine and dry start on Saturday, especially across the south, cloud and outbreaks of rain across central parts are likely to move erratically south-east.

A mixture of sunny spells and blustery showers are expected further north and these could possibly turn wintry over the hills and there is a risk of gales in the North, the Met Office said.

The highest temperature of the year so far was 21.2C, recorded last month in Kew in south-west London.