Is Scotland headed for a heatwave? Temperatures due to be unsettled for Scotland heading into spring

With April just around the corner, the warmer spring-like temperatures are something that have been long awaited.

Eastern parts of Scotland may see temperatures reach up to 17C or 18C this week
Eastern parts of Scotland may see temperatures reach up to 17C or 18C this week

Spells of sunshine are hotly anticipated, but reports of a three month heatwave heading Scotland's way next month isn't quite on the cards.

Highs of 26 degrees?

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Rumours of a heatwave hitting Scotland may have had many people excitedly planning their barbecues and beach days, but highs of 26C next month is not quite on the cards.

Eastern parts of Scotland may see temperatures reach up to 17C or 18C this week

"A three month heatwave is not something we are forecasting," said a spokesperson from the Met Office.

"We are saying there will be some high pressure around, so we are going to see a very pleasant week.

"Some parts, particularly eastern Scotland, will see some warm weather - up to 17C or 18C.

"But we are certainly not talking about the potential for a three month heatwave, or the hottest spring on record."

Above average temperatures

While bookies are slashing the odds on Britain enjoying its hottest ever spring, "well above average temperatures" are unlikely based on current forecasts.

"There is a 50 per cent chance of above average temperatures, but that also means there is a 50 per cent chance of below average temperatures," the Met Office explained.

"To be above average, you only need to be one degree above average.

"The mean temperature for April is Scotland is 6C, so an 8C temperature for April would fall into that above average category, but I don't think anybody would say 8C is particularly warm, and certainly not a heatwave.

"The science doesn't really exist to give seasonal forecasts."

Weather in Scotland this week

The outlook for Scotland this week is set to be fairly settled, thanks to high pressure over the UK, with temperatures reaching above average levels in some parts.

"We are looking at temperatures which are slightly above average, in the low teens perhaps in places like Edinburgh and Glasgow, reaching 12C or 13C quite easily as we go through the week," said the Met Office.

"The day time temperatures for Scotland at this time of year would normally be around 10C, so it is above average.

"There is a chance that the east side of Scotland may well see temperatures higher than that, so you could see 16C, 17C or even 18C in parts due to the foehn effect, which is where the air comes across Scotland and as it dries out it warms as it comes down from the mountains.

"As we go into the weekend we're going to see a dip in temperatures again for northern parts of the country, so Edinburgh will be looking at temperatures nearer 9C.

"We've got a fairly settled period, but unfortunately a settled period doesn't mean wall to wall sunshine."

Long term forecast

As April arrives it will bring some more unsettled conditions, with cloud and rain in parts, but there will be some warm interludes.

"What we are seeing as we go into April is that this week is going to be fairly settled, but from next week onwards we are looking at a return to some more changeable weather.

"So some weather coming in from the west which tends to be a bit more unsettled, but with some warmer patches in between.

"It will be fairly typical April weather - that typical April showers analogy is what we are going to see over the next few weeks.”