Poll: Scots don't want indyref2 in the next five years

Most Scots are don't want to see a second referendum on independence in the next five years, a new poll reveals.

The issue continues to divide the country, though, with 40% of those polled stating they would like to see another vote inside that period, according to a Survation poll of 2,041 Scots.

More than a third of these don't want to see another vote on leaving the UK staged at all - while a quarter want a repeat of the 2014 referendum within the next two years. The poll was commissioned by the Progress Scotland think tank, led by ex-SNP Deputy leader Angus Robertson.

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Progress Scotland Managing Director Angus Robertson said: “This poll shows that a clear majority believe there should be a referendum on Scottish independence, also a clear majority that there will be another referendum on Scottish independence and also a clear majority that Scotland will become an independent country.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “This poll shows that the majority of people in Scotland don’t want another divisive independence referendum for at least five years, and well over a third say that indyref2 shouldn’t happen.

“It’s time for the SNP to start listening to the people of Scotland.

“Rather than divide the country once again and put mortgages, pensions and salaries at risk by ditching the pound, the SNP should take the reckless threat of an unwanted second independence referendum off the table."

It finds 24% of Scots say there should be another referendum within two years, while a further 16% say it should happen in two to five years.

Another poll should not be held for five to ten years, according 9% of those polled, while same number said it should not take place for another ten years at least. The highest individual preference (37%) was that no second referendum should take place at all.