Nicola Sturgeon ‘facing rebellion’ over post-independence currency plans

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is facing an internal battle with SNP activists over her plans to use the pound if Scotland becomes independent, it has been reported.

A new group within the SNP, known as the Campaign for an Independent Currency, has been set up to push the party to a stronger line on ditching Sterling after independence.

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It is chaired by former SNP MP George Kerevan, who told the Daily Mail: “It’s clear there is a strong appetite among SNP members for an independent currency without arbitrary caveats and stipulations and that would limit Scotland’s ability to unchain itself from the chaos currently engulfing Westminster.

Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

The group is expected to use the party’s upcoming Spring Conference to back a motion that would embrace a faster timetable for transferring to a new currency.

The issue of what money would be used in an independent Scotland dominated the debate during the independence referendum in 2014, with many in the Yes campaign believing a lack of clarity on the matter damaged their chances significantly.

The SNP’s Growth Commission said last year that Scotland should retain the pound for a ‘transition period’ of unspecified length.

Pamela Nash, Chief Executive of Scotland in Union, said: “The SNP splits are deepening and look set to explode at the party’s conference - the split is between those who want to put salaries, mortgages and pensions at risk sooner, and those who want to put them at risk a bit later.