Red squirrels cosy up in the Highlands

These red squirrels are clearly the best of friends as they cuddle up together in a drey in the Highlands.

Red squirrels curl up together in a frost-covered nest in the Highlands. Picture: TSPL

Wildlife cameraman Neil Anderson captured the fascinating pictures in his back garden in Carrbridge using a nest box camera.

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“It’s definitely the first time I had seen squirrels like that,” he said.

Cameraman Neil Anderson secured the fascinating shots. Picture: TSPL

“Normally they build their own dreys in the shape of a fruit bowl and nestle down in them.”

Red squirrels stay active all year without a hibernation period so it is important for them to find warm nests - dreys - to rest in.

They will often have more than one drey and during their breeding season, in January, they can be seen moving their nests from one to another.

Mr Anderson, 37, said: “I set up the nest box myself.

“So, the camera was already in there and I used a WiFi signal to take the pictures remotely.”

Neil said when he put the nest box up it was empty, so the squirrels had made their own den inside.