Scottish photographer snaps wild red squirrel pushing trolley of nuts

A hilarious photograph showing a hungry wild red squirrel pushing a tiny shopping trolley filled with monkey nuts has been captured by a Scottish photographer.

Father-of-two Craig, from Dundee, captured the delightful picture of the squirrel (like the one pictured) at Templeton Woods, just outside the city. Picture: Sue Cro/Flickr

Craig Doogan spent three weeks patiently waiting for the right shot after dropping his children off at school each morning.

Craig, 38, said: “I dropped the kids off at school and went along to the woods for three weeks and left nuts on a log.

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“I used different food each day so they weren’t getting the same thing, including hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, grapes and bits of apple and carrot.

“I captured a few pictures of the squirrels knocking the trolley over but it took a while to get the one with the squirrel pushing the trolley.

“I was really chuffed that I managed to get it.

Father-of-two Craig, from Dundee, captured the picture at Templeton Woods, just outside the city.

Landscape photographer Craig came up with the nutty idea when he saw the tiny shopping trolley in a shop and knew he had to attempt the funny picture.

Craig said: “I do quite a lot of photography, mainly landscapes, but decided to plan the squirrel shot when I came across the miniature trolley in a shop.

“I immediately knew that I wanted to do it.”