Man admits to bare-chested chainsaw attack at Dundee golf club

Caird Park Golf Club in Dundee where the attack took place
Caird Park Golf Club in Dundee where the attack took place
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A father-of-three smiled as he attacked a complete stranger with a chainsaw at a golf club, a court has been told.

Joe Brown, 45, admitted attempting to murder 61-year-old Arthur Innes at Caird Park Golf Club on Mains Road in Dundee on 2 May as he and two friends prepared to play golf.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Brown, who was bare chested and wearing only a pair of jeans, approached Mr Innes at 2pm and his golfing friends Ian Martin, 61, and Matthew Waterson, 71, with the chainsaw in his hands.

They were getting their golf clubs out of their cars.

Brown walked up to Mr Martin and said: “Madness is in the eyes, madness is in the eyes.”

Mr Martin backed away. He described the accused as smiling and said his eyes were bulging out of his head. He was wearing no top and no shoes.

Seconds later Brown pulled the chainsaw cord and it started immediately.

Mr Innes was wedged between cars in the car park and could not escape.

Brown raised the chainsaw and brought it down towards Mr Innes, who put up his arm to protect himself and was struck on the upper arm.

Prosecutor Owen Mullan said: “The accused again struck Mr Innes with the chainsaw, scraping it down the right side of his head and the top of his right shoulder.

“As the accused did this Mr Innes turned to face him, put his head down and barged into him, forcing him backwards.”

The court heard the accused then ran off after dropping the chainsaw. Doctors who treated Mr Innes at Ninewells hospital in Dundee said he was lucky the wounds were not deeper.

He suffered a significant scar to his arm and another lesser scar to his head.

Almost two hours later at 3:50pm, the accused approached Andrew Hay, who was on his mobile phone, at the Kingsway and said: “I’m asking you for help.”

He then punched Mr Hay and pushed him to the ground before running off.

Minutes later Brown, who was wearing no top or shoes, walked out into the carriageway.

Driver Callum MacKay managed to stop his car a foot from Brown, who started shouting at him and laughing.

Brown was found collapsed outside the back door of grandmother Michelle Hunter, who thought he may be having a breakdown.

He told her: “I’m a bad man. I attacked someone with a chainsaw on the golf course.”

When police arrived Brown said: “I didn’t mean to do it.” He asked: “Have I badly hurt him?”

Brown then said: “I want to stay on my knees and pray for the guy I hurt. If I’ve hurt somebody, I won’t live with myself.”

A search of the accused’s home in Dalclaverhouse, Dundee, revealed a cannabis farm, 36 ecstasy tablets and 34 grams of cocaine.

In court, Brown, who was represented by Ronnie Renucci QC, pleaded guilty to the assaults, attempting murder, being concerned in the supply of cannabis and possession of the other drugs.

Mr Renucci told the court psychiatric reports were prepared and the conclusion was that most of his behaviour was attributed to drug misuse.

Judge Lord Matthews called for a background report on Brown, who is a prisoner in Perth.

Brown will be sentenced next month.