It's taps aff as Scotland looks set to bask in a three-month heatwave

Taps aff! Britain is set for a three-month heatwave - and for once it looks like Scotland won't miss out.

Following the hottest May on record, the Met Office anticipates that the fine weather will continue throughout June, July and August.

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Highs of 33 degrees

The highest temperature ever recorded in Scotland came in 2003, when the Borders spent August 9 in sweltering 32.9C heat.

And while it's too soon to say for sure, 2018 could top that figure - with some forecasters saying we could see highs of 33C by early July.

A Met Office spokesman said: 'For June-August, above-average temperatures are more likely than below-average temperatures.

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'The probability the UK average temperature for June-August will fall into the warmest of our five categories is 40 per cent. The coldest of our five categories is around 5 per cent.

'The likelihood of above-average temperatures is greater than usual.

'The Met Office long-range prediction system shows a slightly increased chance of high-pressure patterns across the UK.'

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Bookies suspending odds

Leon Brown, chief forecaster at The Weather Channel, said: '33C is expected by early July as heat from high pressure over Britain builds.'

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The bookies, meanwhile, are offering the shortest odds yet on this summer being the warmest since records began.

Ladbrokes slashed its odds to just 5-2 that 2018 will eclipse the scorching heatwave of 2006.

Spokesman Alex Apati said: 'Punters and weathermen believe Britain will wilt.'