Eurovision quiz: Can you name these European flags?

Ahead of the Eurovision: Shine a Light show airing on Saturday 16 May, why not test your knowledge and try this European flags quiz?

The Shine a Light show is taking place instead of the usual Eurovision Song Contest, which can't go ahead due to the global pandemic.

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This quiz, devised by river cruise provider Emerald Waterways, shows different European flags and asks you to match them to the correct countries and regions.

Sounds simple – and something we all enjoy doing when watching Eurovision – but it’s trickier than you might think. Why not try it yourself and get in the mood for Eurovision this weekend?

The quiz

0-3 out of 10 – Bottom of the pole

Oh dear, looks like you could do to swot-up on your knowledge of European flags. Our quiz was challenging, but there’s certainly room for improvement, so why not grab an encyclopaedia and have another go?

4-6 out of 10 – At half-mast

Not bad, not bad – you know a thing or two about the flags of Europe. Our quiz was challenging, but you’ve proved you know the continent’s crests fairly well. Think you can improve on your score? Why not have another go or encourage your friends and family to beat your best.

7-10 out of 10 – Flying high

Fantastic effort, you really know your flags! Our quiz was tricky, but you’ve proved you know the continent’s crests like the back of your hand. Give yourself a pat on the back and don’t forget to challenge your friends and family to beat your score.