Driver escapes injury after car wedged upside down

A LUCKY driver had a miracle escape - after his car ended up wedged between a house and a wall upside down.

The driver had a lucky escape after the car ended up wedged between a house and a wall. Picture: Hemedia

Dramatic pictures show the unnamed man stuck after his car swerved off the residential road and plunged three metres down a stone wall.

Residents on the second floor of the building got a shock when they looked out their windows to see the grey vehicle balancing precariously in the sunshine.

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The pictures were released by Buckfastleigh fire station, in Devon.

The fire crew, who attended the incident around 3pm yesterday, used hydraulic cutters to make space to reach the trapped casualty.

They wrote in a Facebook post: “First priority was to secure the vehicle and eliminate the danger of the vehicle falling onto its side.

“The door along with the use of a short extension ladder, T bar and line was used to make a platform to allow better access for extrication of the casualty.”

The crew added that the man was saved from serious injury by the use of his seatbelt.

The incident is remarkably similar to a crash that occurred in Edinburgh last month, when a car skidded on ice and became wedged in the basement area of a property on Saxe-Coburg Street.