Boris Johnson gives himself 'Minister for the Union' title

New Conservative leader Boris Johnson has reportedly said he will be taking the title of Minister for the Union alongside that of Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has said that he wants to fight to ensure the United Kingdom stays together.

A spokesman said that Mr Johnson had told the first meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday that - as promised during his leadership campaign - he would be taking the new title alongside that of Prime Minister.

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"It is a statement of his commitment to the strengthening of the Union and the value he places upon it," the spokesman said.

The news comes as the new Conservative leader was left in no doubt of the opposition he will face from the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales if he seeks to push ahead with a no-deal Brexit.

The Scottish and Welsh leaders sent Mr Johnson a joint letter shortly after his appointment to say it would be "unconscionable" for the UK to leave the European Union without a Brexit deal.