ScotRail new timetable: How to get a refund from ScotRail | How to check journey and train times

ScotRail’s reduced timetable began today with more than 700 services cut across the country.

The reduced timetable was confirmed on Wednesday, with Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth later saying it would provide passengers with greater certainty.

More than 700 services have been cut across Scotland, with last trains hours earlier than normal.

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Prior to the temporary timetable, ScotRail services said it was working to revise its ticket refund – but how do you get a refund on ScotRail?

A dispute with the Aslef union, whose members are refusing to make themselves available for overtime, has led to a third of daily services being halted.

Here’s what you need to know.

When are you entitled to get a refund on ScotRail services?

A number of journeys are set to be affected by the new timetable brought in by ScotRail due to a dispute with the Aslef union, whose members are refusing to make themselves available for overtime.

A third of daily services are being halted – however ScotRail have introduced a number of policies to try and ease travel – with refunds still available if you are impacted by the temporary timetable.

Passengers can use tickets to travel on an alternative services, or the day before or after your planned journey.

If these options are not of use, you can seek a refund with no additional admin fee.

You can also claim compensation if you have been delayed by more than 30 minutes.

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How to get a refund – ScotRail

If passengers are unable to travel by train due to disruption or service cancellation, a refund can be requested using ScotRail’s online refund request form

If you purchased your ticket on the ScotRail website or mobile app you will need to login to your account to request the refund.

If you bought your ticket at a station booking office, you are able to claim for a refund at the same station.

This does not apply to tickets bought at self-service machines however according to the ScotRail website.

If passengers have a Season Ticket that is impacted by the temporary train timetable, passengers will need to complete an online refund request form and ScotRail will calculate the refund amount.

Can you get a refund if you’ve bought through a self-service ticket machine at the station or on the train?

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Self-service bought tickets through the ticket office machines will need to be refunded through the online form or through a postal form – you will also be required to send the ticket. The same applies to tickets bought on trains.

Refund claims on tickets purchased via a Ticket Vending Machine, on train or on the telephone via our telesales will need to be made using the form and sending the ticket back to ScotRail.

Can you get a refund if your service is delayed?

If your journey was delayed, you could get some or all of your money back through our Delay Repay scheme. If your journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more, you could get some or all of your money back through our Delay Repay scheme.

Delay compensation can be claimed HERE

Can a claim for compensation expire?

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Unused ScotRail tickets are refundable up to 28 days after expiry of the ticket.

Can you get a refund if you’ve bought through Trainline?

Like most products, how you apply for a refund is based on where you bought it from. If you purchased from Trainline or a third-party site or seller, ScotRail have advised passengers to contact them directly.

ScotRail journey check: How to check journey on ScotRail

Journeys can be checked by visiting the ScotRail website and using their journey checking service HERE

How to check the new ScotRail timetable

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The new ScotRail timetable can be checked on their official website HERE – and you can also check journeys on