Richard Madeley and RMT boss Mick Lynch in bizarre GMB exchange - with many critical of host for comment

Richard Madeley has been criticised by GMB viewers for a bizarre interview with RMT Union boss Mick Lynch.

The GMB host was soon trending alongside National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) boss Mick Lynch on social media after a bizarre interview, which saw many criticise the conduct of Richard Madeley as he questioned Lynch on the RMT trains trikes.

Quizzing Lynch on the show, Madeley repeatedly interrupted the guest and talk at length in condemnation of the strikes, outlining when he felt Christmas began and at one point telling the interviewee to “jog on”.

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Setting the tone for what would become a heated interview, Madeley asked the RMT boss: “Why couldn’t you have put all these strikes in January?

"Why do you have to target people at Christmas? You’ll be putting people out of business who run hotels, who run restaurants, who run bars, and retail.”

Lynch replied “Well, we’re not targeting Christmas.

“It isn’t Christmas yet, Richard. I don’t know when your Christmas starts, but mine starts on Christmas Eve.”

Madeley then accused Lynch of being “disingenuous”, and “depriving people of their income” and started to outline when Christmas began and what a commercial Christmas was. In an attempt to grill Lynch, Madeley said he was asking on behalf of his viewers and asked: “Will you answer the question Mr Lynch, I won't let you get away with nonsense”

Mick Lynch clashed with Richard Madeley over Christmas rail strikesMick Lynch clashed with Richard Madeley over Christmas rail strikes
Mick Lynch clashed with Richard Madeley over Christmas rail strikes

Waiting on the time lag amid the interview, Lynch responded saying “You’re just ranting now. You’re just talking to yourself, now, Richard. Why don’t you just interview yourself?”

Lynch later added: “The strike action we are taking at Christmas is during the Christmas close down when there will be no passenger services running aftect the evening of December 24. So that does not impact Christmas as the railways close down 25,26 and into the 27th. And that is when we are taking action.”

Many questioned the stance of Madeley from the off, with others criticising him for unprofessional conduct in telling an interviewee to “jog on” while others questioned the difference in tone from Madeley when interviewing Chief Executive of Network Rail, Andrew Haines.

In another part of the show Madeley branded the strike action an “act of unkindness” and said that even soldiers stopped shooting each other during WW1 at Christmas.

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One viewer said on social media: “Richard Madeley is even more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge. Goes on a monologue for minutes then asks why the Mick Lynch isn't answering the question, perhaps giving him a chance to answer might help”

Another added” “Seems like someone finally told Richard Madeley to stop talking to Mick Lynch after his pathetic meltdown. @GMB needs to get a grip and stop peddling this agenda. Good luck to the train workers!”

One other social media user wrote: ““If he spoke to me the way he spoke to Mick Lynch and told me to ‘jog on’ thats exactly what I would have done. So rude and unprofessional.”

Another wrote: “Richard Madeley goes more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge.”

There was some sympathy for Madeley however with one user writing: “9% pay increases would be snapped up by 1000s of people. The greed of the RMT is incredible!”