Lorries waiting to check in at the Port of Dover in Kent as P&O ferry services have suspended sailings ahead of a "major announcement" but insisted it is "not going into liquidation".

P&O Ferries: Chaos at Port of Dover as lorries waiting to check in ahead of major announcement

P&O Ferries has suspended sailings amid speculation it is preparing to sack hundreds of workers.

The ferry operator said in an internal statement it will make “a major announcement” which will “secure the long-term viability of P&O Ferries”.

P&O Ferries said in the statement that “to facilitate this announcement all our vessels have been asked to discharge their passengers and cargo and stand by for further instructions”.

It added: “This means we’re expecting all our ports to experience serious disruption today.”

Passengers and lorry drivers have been stuck at check-in lanes at the Port of Dover in Kent.

Speaking to the PA news agency, one driver in Calais due to return to the UK said he had been waiting for a ferry since 6am.

“More than anything I’m frustrated at the fact nobody from P&O was there to help and advise … I’ve never had such shoddy service from anybody.”

The driver, who wished to remain nameless, said he had been able to rebook with DFDS, saying: “I’ve had to exit the port and go through the entire process again, not to mention paying for another ticket at a higher price with them.”

“I would have appreciated somebody at least telling us what to do”, he added.

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