Flights to isle of Skye '˜likely to resume'

There is a 70/30 probability that flights to Skye will take off again within two years, Loganair has predicted.

Managing director Jonathan Hinkles said: “The Skye economy is a world apart from when the previous service ended 30 years ago.

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He told a Glasgow Talks event organised by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce: “There is enough of a population base and it is far enough away.

Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. Picture: Stephan Krause/Wikimedia Commons

“It’s sensible and feasible to look at.”

Mr Hinkles said Skye was well above the four-hour minimum road or rail journey time required to make an air route sustainable.

He said aircraft similar to the 18-seat Twin Otter, which lands on the beach at Barra, would be suitable.

Any larger plane to Broadford “would require massive investment that’s not going to happen.”

Mr Hinkles said: “We’re doing a piece of work on this. There is a 70/30 probability of it happening in the next two years. It is more likely to happen than not.”

Loganair, which previously operated flights there from Glasgow, is part of a group with Highland Council examining the feasibility of restoring the air link.

Any service is likely to go out to tender as it would require Scottish Government support.