Runaway Highland cow ‘weaves between cars’ in Scottish town

A cow managed to escape from a West Lothian farm today before weaving in and out of traffic on local streets.

These pictures, taken this morning by Gwen Burns Gibson, show the Highland cow ambling down a road in East Whitburn before arriving at a petrol station in neighbouring Blackburn.

Mrs Gibson, who was travelling home to Whitburn from her work at the time, said: “It (the cow) just came to a halt and she was just happily weaving in and out of the cars. So funny.”

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The cow, which belongs to Zoe Young and her family, is called ‘Hilary’ and escaped from their nearby farm.

The cow in East Whitburn. Pic: Gwen Burns Gibson

Zoe said they don’t yet know how the animal escaped, but they managed to bring it under control at the filling station and it’s now “safe and sound” at the farm.

In 2015, a video went viral when a herd of cows were seen causing mayhem on a residential street in Mid Calder.

In the clip, a number of cows were seen running down a road, closely pursued by a police van and, a little bit behind that, the unlucky farmer.

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The runaway cow. Pic: Gwen Burns Gibson

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The cow, just before being picked up by the farmer at the filling station. Pic: Gwen Burns Gibson
The cow at the filling station. Pic: Gwen Burns Gibson