Tory leadership race: Michael Gove says he will carry on as MP despite resignation speculation

Michael Gove has said he will carry on as an MP amid speculation that he could resign his seat in Parliament.

Last month the Conservative former Cabinet minister said he did not expect to serve in government again.

On Tuesday, it was reported a Liberal Democrat source said the party had heard from several sources in Surrey Heath that Mr Gove could be about to resign the seat.

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Michael Gove (left), Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata Murthy (centre) and mother Usha Sunak (right) cheer former chancellor Rishi Sunak during a hustings event at Wembley Arena in London. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
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Amid reports the Lib Dems are targeting his seat because they believe he is about to resign, Mr Gove told LBC: “It’s not so. I will be continuing as MP for Surrey Heath for as long as my constituents want me.”

Asked if he will be at the “top table” if Liz Truss wins the Conservative leadership race, Mr Gove said: “I don’t think so. I think Liz has got a very, very talented team of supporters. She will want to make sure that she has a Cabinet wholly aligned with her agenda and plans.”

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In reference to a rugby metaphor used by Boris Johnson before he became Prime Minister, Mr Gove was asked if he would pick up the ball if it came out of the back of the scrum.

“I think anyone who has seen me play rugby would know that if the ball were to come out of the back of the scrum it would be very, very difficult for me to pick it up,” he said. “I’d almost certainly fumble it and fall flat on my face in the mud.

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“I don’t anticipate at all being in government if Liz wins.”

Mr Gove told Times Radio: “I’m going to stay on as an MP. I’m going to make arguments for the vital importance of carrying on with the levelling-up mission that Boris started.

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“I’m going to be arguing very strongly for a focus on education, on the environment, on prison reform, that is compassionate, and progressive, and in the best traditions of the Conservative Party.

“And I’ll be doing that as the majority of Conservative MPs do, from the back benches.

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“I’ll also be looking out for my constituents in Surrey Heath and making sure that I’m representing them effectively.”

Mr Gove also laughed off the idea of taking up a job as a newspaper editor as well as his work in Parliament.



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