The Steamie: Local elections special - who really won?

Is Scottish Labour really back? And what will the SNP think behind closed doors of the verdict delivered by voters?

These questions – and many more – are debated by The Scotsman’s politics team on a special episode of political podcast The Steamie.

The team, led by deputy political editor Conor Matchett and featuring Westminster correspondent Alexander Brown and politics correspondent Hannah Brown, analyse the fallout from Thursday’s local election results.

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The Scotsman’s team give their verdict on each party’s performance.

The fourth episode of The Steamie for 2022 is now live. Picture: JPI Media/Shutterstock
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Nicola Sturgeon had said in the wake of the election the SNP, which saw all the key metrics increase and the party take control of Dundee, was “astonishing” and a “brutal rejection” of the Prime Minister.

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And Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar described the vote return as "a good day, we’ve made good progress” after his party climbed over the Scottish Tories and into second place nationally.

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