Theresa May warns of IndyRef2 danger on Scots campaign trail

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has said that voting Tory is the only way to stop a second independence referendum as she hit the election campaign trail in Stirling.
Theresa may has warned of indyref2 dangerTheresa may has warned of indyref2 danger
Theresa may has warned of indyref2 danger

The ex-Tory leader hit the doorsteps with Tory candidate in the city Stephen Kerr who is defending a wafer thin majority of 148 from the SNP.

Mrs May told STV news: "I've two reasons why the Conservatives can keep Stirling.

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"Firstly because Stephen Kerr is a fantastic member of Parliament - a really strong voice for Stirling and for Scotland in the House of Commons.

"And second, because if you are Unionist and you want to want to stop indyref2, there's only one vote and that's Conservative."

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Brexit Party withdraws support from Glenrothes candidate

The former Tory leader, who is standing again to be an MP in the election, said she was enjoying being on the campaign with Scottish colleagues.

Kerr's closest challenge is likely to come from the current Nationalist MEP Alyn Smith.