Brexit Party withdraws support from Glenrothes candidate over ‘rampant homophobia’

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The Brexit Party has withdrawn support from a Scottish election candidate after they were linked to a string of homophobic posts shared on social media.

Victor Robert Farrell, an evangelical pastor from Methil, was selected to fight the Glenrothes constituency for Nigel Farage’s party on December 12.

But the pro-Brexit campaign has tonight distanced itself from the candidate following the revelation of several comments posted on a Facebook account in Farrell’s name.

One post read: “Western nations look at your hands. Young lesbians in parliament, old lesbians leading political parties. Perverts pushing sodomite rights. The aged living in fear.”

The posts, originally shared in 2017, were today condemned by Jenny Gilruth, the SNP MSP for Glenorthes.

She said: “Look at the state of the Brexit Party candidate standing in Glenrothes - crusading against lesbians, rampant youths and all those without god in their lives.”

The Brexit Party said it would no long support Victor Robert Farrell's campaign

The Brexit Party said it would no long support Victor Robert Farrell's campaign

Peter Grant, the SNP candidate aiming to hold the seat at next month’s election, said: “It’s not as if he’s been shy about his bigoted opinions either.

“Will Brexit Party disown him or are they happy to promote such rampant homophobia?”

A website set up to promote Farrell’s local campaign was taken offline tonight.

A Brexit Party spokesman said: “The Brexit Party does not share these views. We have withdrawn our support for the candidate.”

Farrell has not responded to The Scotsman’s request for comment.