Nicola Sturgeon makes Scottish independence swipe as she challenges Liz Truss to act immediately on cost-of-living crisis

Liz Truss has been challenged to act immediately on the cost-of-living crisis as Nicola Sturgeon congratulated the new Tory leader and next prime minister.

Scotland’s First Minister said she would seek to build a “good working relationship” with Ms Truss despite “deep” political differences.

Their relationship became a key talking point in the Tory leadership contest after Ms Truss said she would ignore Ms Sturgeon, labelling the First Minister an “attention seeker”.

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Liz Truss named as new Prime Minister after winning Conservative leadership bid
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Ms Truss will formally become prime minister on Tuesday when she meets the Queen at Balmoral after defeating former chancellor Rishi Sunak with around 57 per cent of the vote.

Ms Sturgeon said on Twitter: “Congratulations to Liz Truss. Our political differences are deep, but I will seek to build a good working relationship with her as I did with the last 3 PMs.

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“She must now freeze energy bills for people & businesses, deliver more cash support and increase funding for public services.”

Reacting to vote results showing Ms Truss had won the Conservative leadership with 57 per cent of the vote, and 47 per cent of the electorate, Ms Sturgeon tweeted: “[That’s] 47% of the total electorate – worth noting that if the principles of her mooted new referendum law applied here, her election would be invalid.”

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Russell Cheyne/PA Wire



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