Letters: Nicola Sturgeon is longing for another Leave vote

Following Theresa May’s latest Commons defeat, Nicola Sturgeon reiterates her desire for a second EU referendum.

Her fingers are firmly crossed that this will be win-win for her independence objective.

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Whatever the result, she’ll insist it’s a precedent for another Scottish independence referendum – if we ignore the people’s democratic wishes once, why not twice?

Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: SWNS

Despite her recently acquired pro-EU credentials (a 2014 Yes win would have taken Scotland out of the EU for years), the nationalist leader will undoubtedly long for a repeat of the 2016 result, with the UK voting Leave and Scotland Remain.

If the UK-wide result is Remain, the SNP’s independence raison d’être is massively undermined.

On the other hand, Ms Sturgeon will gleefully seize on a result where Scotland again votes Remain and the UK as a whole Leave and repeat her indyref2 demands.

For Ms Sturgeon, it’s always independence first and the EU, I suspect, a distant second.

Martin Redfern

Woodcroft Road, Edinburgh