Jo Swinson ‘daft’ to oppose Jeremy Corbyn plan to stop no deal Brexit, says Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP would explore all options to prevent a no deal Brexit
Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP would explore all options to prevent a no deal Brexit
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Nicola Sturgeon has branded Lib Dem opposition to a Jeremy Corbyn plan to stop no deal Brexit as ‘daft’, with the First Minister claiming that her party would explore all options to ensure the UK did not crash out of the EU.

Ms Sturgeon took a swipe at Jo Swinson’s stance after the recently installed Liberal leader insisted she could not support making Mr Corbyn prime minister as he was “divisive”.

Speaking at a Fringe event in Edinburgh today, the SNP leader called for pro-Remain parties to work together to prevent a no deal Brexit as the consequences could be “severe”.

The Lib Dem leader said tonight that she had offered to meet Mr Corbyn to discuss how they could work together on “a deliverable plan”.

It follows another day of intense debate across the opposition parties on how they could halt Boris Johnson’s stated aim of leaving the EU by October 31, come what may.

Mr Corbyn had earlier urged the leaders of the opposition parties and Tory rebels to install him as caretaker prime minister in order to prevent a no deal.

If he wins a no-confidence vote against the UK Government, the Labour leader plans to delay Brexit and call a snap election.

While not ruling out SNP support for such a plan, the First Minister insisted other options were still available.

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“I think it’s reasonable to say that the SNP have been the most consistent anti-Brexit voice since the 2016 referendum,” she said.

“I’ve said all along we would work across the parties to try and put a coalition together in Westminster to preferably stop Brexit altogether, but absolutely to stop a no deal Brexit.

“There are different ways that could be achieved. What Jeremy Corbyn said today is by no means the only option.

“My view is the consequences of a no deal Brexit are so severe that we should be exploring all options and we shouldn’t be ruling anything out.”

She added: “Jo Swinson said she wouldn’t back the Jeremy Corbyn option - I think that’s daft, frankly, for somebody who professes to be so against Brexit.

“On the Brexit side, we’ve got folk, including in Government, who are contemplating options including shutting down Parliament to drive through what they want to do.

“That’s the level of obsession, and I guess discipline, that we’re seeing on that side, so the Remain side should be looking at all options. I’m not prepared to rule out anything before we’ve had the opportunity to explore it.”

Ms Sturgeon also challenged Scottish Labour to back Mr Corbyn’s position on a second independence referendum.

“What he (Corbyn) said today is that he opposes independence and he opposes there being another referendum - now I disagree with both of those things but those are legitimate positions to take,” she added.

“But he goes on to say that he doesn’t think Westminster should block an independence referendum - and he’s absolutely right on that.

“For the life of me, I don’t understand why that’s not the position that Scottish Labour has decided to take as well.

“It allows them to argue what they believe in, but it also respects a basic principle of democracy, which is if there is a mandate for an independence referendum, then no Westminster Government should stand in the way of that.”