Holyrood 2016: Constituency and list results in full

THE country went to the polls on Thursday in what was widely-expected to result in an historic third term for the incumbent SNP government.

Candidates from Scotland's main parties are vying to fill 129 vacant seats. Picture: Contributed

While winning a third consecutive mandate - in itself another key milestone for the party in Scotland - the SNP fell short of an overall majority by two seats.

The last election in 2011 saw the SNP secure an unprecedented majority, taking 53 out of the 73 constituency seats as well as 16 regional list seats.

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Polls in the run-up to the election suggested that Nicola Sturgeon would lead her party to further gains but in fact lost six seats.

The surprise winners of the election night were the Scottish Conservatives who are enjoying a resurgence in Scotland. The party were once considered toxic north of the border but managed to knock Labour into third place securing 31 seats - their best ever haul at Holyrood.

To see how the electorate voted in your constituency, click on the links below to see the full results:


Central Scotland - Leonard, Richard (Labour); Lennon, Monica (Labour); Griffin, Mark (Labour); Smith, Elaine (Labour); Mitchell, Margaret (Conservative); Simpson, Graham (Conservative); Harris, Alison (Conservative);

Glasgow - Sarwar, Anas (Labour); Lamont, Johann (Labour); Kelly, James (Labour); McNeill, Pauline (Labour); Tomkins, Adam (Conservative); Wells, Annie (Conservative); Harvie, Patrick (Green);

Highlands and Islands - Ross, Douglas (Conservative); Mountain, Edward (Conservative); Cameron, Donald (Conservative); Grant, Rhoda (Labour); Stewart, David (Labour); Todd, Maree (SNP); Finnie, John (Green)

Lothian - Briggs, Miles (Conservative); Lindhurst, Gordon (Conservative); Balfour, Jeremy (Conservative); Dugdale, Kezia (Labour); Findlay, Neil (Labour); Johnstone, Alison (Green); Wightman, Andy (Green)

Mid Scotland and Fife - Fraser, Murdo (Conservative); Smith, Liz (Conservative); Lockhart, Dean (Conservative); Stewart, Alexander (Conservative); Rowley, Alex (Labour); Baker, Claire (Labour); Ruskell, Mark (Green)

North East Scotland - Johnstone, Alex (Conservative); Thomson, Ross (Conservative); Chapman, Peter (Conservative); Kerr, Liam (Conservative); Marra, Jenny (Labour); MacDonald, Lewis (Labour); Rumbles, Mike (Liberal Democrat)

South Scotland - McAlpine, Joan (SNP); Harper, Emma (SNP); Wheelhouse, Paul (SNP); Hamilton, Rachael (Conservative); Whittle, Brian (Conservative); Beamish, Claudia (Labour); Smyth, Colin (Labour)

West Scotland - Bibby, Neil (Labour); Fee, Mary (Labour); Macintosh, Ken (Labour); Greene, Jamie (Conservative); Golden, Maurice (Conservative); Corry, Maurice (Conservative); Greer, Ross (Green)