Scottish Parliament election 2016 constituency result: Dumbarton

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Parliamentary candidates listed alphabetically:

BAILLIE, Jackie (Scottish Labour) - 13,522

CORRY, Maurice (Scottish Conservatives) - 4,891

MORTON, Aileen (Scottish Liberal Democrats) - 1,131

MUIR, Andrew (Independent) - 641

ROBERTSON, Gail (Scottish National Party) - 13,413

• ELECTED: Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour

Veteran Labour MSP Jackie Baillie held on to the Dumbarton constituency she has represented since 1999, but with a majority of just 109 over the SNP.

And Labour enjoyed a rare gain from the SNP in Edinburgh Southern, where Daniel Johnson won the seat for the party.

But it is the Conservatives who appear to be the big winners of the night so far.

Ms Davidson added: “It’s an incredible result as I said on the stage, we were coming from fourth in this seat to go to first.

“I hope the message that was resonating was of being a strong opposition, to hold the SNP to account, to saying No to a second independence referendum, to respect the decision that our country made and to really focus on the things we’re paying a government to focus on, on schools, on hospitals, on public services. That’s what people want.

“I said yesterday that I thought that we’d edged in front. I think all of the indications from this night are that we will.

“We of course won’t know the final result until after all the list results are in, I think the indications are that we as a party have had a good night and I fully recognise and understand there are many people that have given us their vote for the very first time, not because they’re true blue conservatives but because there’s a job of work they want us to do.”