SNP: Brexit ‘backroom’ deal between May and Corbyn would ‘sell out’ Scotland’s people

A Brexit “backroom agreement” between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would “sell out the people of Scotland”, the SNP Westminster leader has said.

Ian Blackford claimed Scotland’s people and the will of the Scottish Parliament was “being ignored” over Brexit as he raised the issue in the Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Next week’s European elections, he said, would give people in Scotland a chance to “make their voices heard whether Westminster likes it or not”.

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Westminster SNP leader Ian Blackford. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Mrs May responded: “The only party that wants to sell out the interests of Scotland are the SNP (in) their bid for independence.”

She called on Mr Blackford and his party’s MPs to back her Brexit deal when it is due to come back to the Commons for a fourth time next month.

Mr Blackford said: “Mr Speaker, pending your approval we now know that the Prime Minister’s three times defeated Brexit deal will return yet again in June.

“Can the Prime Minister tell us has a backroom agreement been reached with the Leader of the Opposition to sell out the people of Scotland and force her shoddy deal through?”

He added: “The people of Scotland are none the wiser of what is going in these secret Tory-Labour talks. Scotland’s people and the will of the Scottish Parliament is being ignored.

“Mr Speaker enough is enough. Why is the Prime Minister so afraid of giving the people of Scotland their say. The fact is at the European elections next week, the people of Scotland will make their voices heard whether Westminster likes it or not.

“Next Thursday the people of Scotland can vote SNP to stop Brexit and send a clear message that Scotland will not be ignored any more.”

Mrs May replied: “He talks about the people of Scotland not knowing where things stand.

“Well the people of Scotland will know where things stand if (he) and his colleagues vote for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and ensure that we leave the EU, and if people want to vote for a party that not only is a Brexit Party, but also is a party in Government that can deliver Brexit, they should vote Conservative.”

SNP shadow Commons leader Pete Wishart called on the Prime Minister to resign and let Scotland leave the UK too.

He said: “The Government can barely double figures in the opinion polls. The UK now an international laughing stock, with her backbench just wanting her gone, as does the nation.

“She is now going to bring back her Withdrawal Agreement for a fourth time as her backbench queue up to say they won’t support her.

“Has the road not just now run out Prime Minister? For the sake of her nation will she please just go and let Scotland go too.”

The Prime Minister replied: “It is in the interests of Scotland that it remains part of the United Kingdom and it is in the interest of the whole of the United Kingdom that we deliver on what people voted for in the referendum and deliver Brexit.”

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