Nicola Sturgeon visits Brussels to discuss future of Scotland-EU relationship

The First Minister has visited Brussels to discuss the future of Scotland's relationship with the EU in the wake of Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon will address the European Policy Centre (EPC) today where she is expected to discuss the differing results at the 2016 Brexit referendum north and south of the Border, as well as her position on the implications of Brexit for Scotland.

She will also speak about her vision for the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP 26 - which takes place in Glasgow in November.

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The SNP leader has made it clear she would want a future Scottish state to join the EU if a majority of Scots were ever to vote for independence at any IndyRef2.

Nicola Sturgeon will speak in Brussels todayNicola Sturgeon will speak in Brussels today
Nicola Sturgeon will speak in Brussels today
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She added: "It poses a direct risk to jobs, prosperity and investment – and, under Boris Johnson’s Government, we are poised to see a dangerous divergence from the EU on vital issues such as environmental protection, food standards and workers’ rights."

Donald Tusk, the former EU President, raised eyebrows in Westminster last week when he claimed an independent Scotland would receive an "enthusiastic" reception if it sought to rejoin the EU.

That prompted a stern rebuke from Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who hinted that it may encourage other "secessionist" movements in Europe.

"I think it was frankly un-European and irresponsible given the secessionist, separatist tendencies in Spain, France and Italy," he said.

Fabian Zuleeg, the chief executive of the EPC, said in a social media post last week that he was looking forward to welcoming the First Minister to Brussels.

He later added: "To many of those who responded to this tweet: I don't care what side you are on but abuse is not an argument, vitriol is not witty and prejudice simply discredits anything you are saying. As for threats, don't bother. Note to Brexiteers: you have no leverage to tell EU what to do."