Brexit means Scotland now 'likely' to vote for independence, says Labour MP

Scotland is now "likely" to vote for independence as a result of Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, a Labour MP has predicted.

David Lammy said a consequence of the UK leaving the European Union could be the end of the Union, with the possibility of a united Ireland also increasing.

The MP for Tottenham, an outspoken critic of the Brexit process, has also ruled himself out of the Labour leadership race following his party's disastrous performance at last month's general election.

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In an interview with American current affairs podcast Pod Save the World, Mr Lammy was questioned on what the Conservatives' election victory would mean for the future of the UK.

Independence supporters march through Glasgow in 2018. Picture: John DevlinIndependence supporters march through Glasgow in 2018. Picture: John Devlin
Independence supporters march through Glasgow in 2018. Picture: John Devlin
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“The deal Boris Johnson has struck, and the way in which he plans to leave the EU, is more than likely to lead to the break up of the UK - because the culture and temperament of Scotland has now swung entirely behind the SNP," he said.

"And if you think about it from their point of view, they want to remain in the EU, they have a history in the past as an independent country, they are very likely to get that independence vote, and they are likely to vote for independence."

He continued: "There are also issues on the island of Ireland, with many predicting that over time, we may well be heading to a united Ireland because of the border Boris Johnson is putting down the Irish Sea."

Mr Lammy also called for his party to unite behind a “credible” leadership candidate or face a decade in opposition.

The independence debate was reignited last month when Nicola Sturgeon declared she would seek a Section 30 order from Westminster, which would allow Holyrood to stage a second referendum on independence.

The SNP leader said her party's general election result - with the Nationalists winning 47 out of 56 seats in Scotland - had strengthened its mandate to call another vote on the constitution.

The Labour party in Scotland has launched a review of its own electoral performance last month, which saw it lose six of its seven seats north of the Border.

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SNP Business Convener and MP Kirsten Oswald said: “People across Scotland are becoming increasingly convinced of the case for Scotland becoming an independent country – we have the mandate, we have a majority in the Scottish Parliament and we’ve got the momentum behind us.

“As well as a surge in SNP membership, last month saw the pledge for independence reach the milestone of 500,000 signatories and of course there are now a dozen new SNP MPs fighting to make Scotland’s voice heard at Westminster.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to reject Boris Johnson and his extreme Tory government’s devastating plans for Brexit and austerity. People in Scotland know we can do so much better.”