Alister Jack praises Brexit deal as Scottish Tories accused of U-turns

The Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has lauded Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal as being good for Scotland as his fellow Scottish Tory MPs prepared to swing behind the plans.
Alister Jack.Alister Jack.
Alister Jack.

Parliament is set to sit on Saturday to vote on the proposals agreed by the Prime Minister, with the plans dealt a significant blow following the announcement by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) that they would not back Boris Johnson.

The deal, which the DUP said ‘fundamentally threatens the integrity of the Union’, is now set to go down to the wire with the votes of suspended Tory MPs crucial.

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Nicola Sturgeon has already ruled out the possibility of SNP MPs voting for Brexit “in any form”.

Mr Jack said: “The deal the Prime Minister has negotiated with the EU is great news for Scotland and the whole of the UK.

“This deal allows us to get Brexit sorted, and leave the EU in two weeks’ time as one United Kingdom.

“It is a real Brexit which ensures we take back control. For Scottish fishermen, this means taking back control of our fishing waters and freeing them from the hated Common Fisheries Policy.

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“For Scotland’s farmers, we will create a new system of support to help them prosper outside of the Common Agricultural Policy.

“We will no longer be bound by EU laws, and the Scottish Parliament will receive a raft of new powers as they return to the UK from Brussels.

“We will be able to strike our own trade deals around the world, opening up huge opportunities for businesses across Scotland.

“It is now time for Scottish MPs from all parties to vote for the Prime Minister’s deal and deliver the result of the referendum.

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“It is time to put the national interest above political opportunism. If MPs do not vote for a deal then they are voting for no-deal, and will have to explain that to their constituents.”

Ms Sturgeon blasted the deal as ‘democratically unacceptable’ for Scotland, and repeated calls for a second referendum on independence.

There is little sign of any dissent among the 13 Scottish Conservative MPs, with Brexit hardliner Ross Thomson insisting that it is ‘fundamentally different’ to the deal that was struck by Theresa May.

Twitter users highlighted a post by the Aberdeen South MP saying that Mrs May’s deal ‘created a border down the Irish Sea,’ something experts claim Boris Jonson’s deal de facto does.

Former Scottish Secretary David Mundell announced that he too would back the deal, tweeting: “The best way to avoid a No Deal Brexit has always been to vote for a deal and that is what I will be doing again on Saturday. Let’s see how those other Scottish MPs who claim to be against No Deal vote.”

He was accused of performing a u-turn after previously announcing he would resign if the integrity of the union was threatened.