Zsa Zsa Gabor's ninth husband bored with his life of plenty

THE ninth and presumably final husband of Zsa-Zsa Gabor has told how he is swimming in money - but unable to enjoy it.

The Hungarian-born actress and socialite is confined to a wheelchair after a car crash in Hollywood several years ago followed by a stroke in 2005.

Her husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, told the German magazine Stern: "I have three Bentleys, two Rolls-Royces, eight golden watches, four dozen horses. Since the stroke, my wife uses four out of the 47 rooms in our villa. There is nothing here any more that interests me.

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"I have everything; double of most things. All I do is push my wife around in a wheelchair and look after her. I am so terribly bored."

He went on: "I am a trustee. My wife owns houses and firms worth around $300 million. And, as I am the only one around here who can think clearly, I have full powers of attorney.

"If she wants to write a cheque today, she has to ask me. I am swimming in money and I can't enjoy it."

Mr von Anhalt, who is in his 60s, said a sense of duty made him stay with Gabor at the home they share in Bel Air, California.

Asked if he loved her, he replied: "I wanted a Hollywood star; she wanted a prince. That was the deal. But when one lives with someone for 20 years ... I won't leave her alone."

Mr von Anhalt was born Robert Lichtenberg, the son of a German policeman. He bought his title of prince after being adopted by a bankrupt daughter-in-law of the last kaiser.

He recognises how good life has been to him, materially, since marrying Gabor.

He said: "Everything I have, I have through my wife. She pushed me so hard it made me sick; dragged me around meeting four US presidents, bought me everything that I wanted. Do you believe she didn't know the kind of man she was marrying? My wife parted from eight men. Why I am still there? Because I am not like her other men."

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He went on: "Naturally, I wanted money and society. I got the title to make a career and get myself up out of the muck."

But the United States has bored him. He said: "Whenever my wife dies, I am off. Here in America, I have no friends, no fun. It makes me sick. Here it is like a third-world country. One can only live in Europe."

There is some doubt as to Gabor's age, but she is thought to be 89 or 90. Mr von Anhalt is named in her last will - a bone of contention with Francesca Hilton, the daughter from her marriage to the hotel magnate Conrad, of whom Gabor once said: "Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5,000 Gideon Bibles."

The feud between Ms Hilton and Mr von Anhalt was renewed last year when he and her mother sued her for allegedly forging Gabor's signature on a loan on the star's home and stealing "millions". Mr von Anhalt claims Ms Hilton is afraid of being left nothing when her mother dies. She counters by saying: "He is in it for the money."

In a previous interview, Mr von Anhalt said: "Francesca is afraid something is going to happen to her mother one day, and her husband is in the last will. She can't take that. She always comes for a handout to her mother. She always wants money, money, money, money."

He told Stern that the life of his wife - famous for her pithy quotes such as, "I'm a great housekeeper. I get divorced. I keep the house" and "I want a man who's kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?" - is to be turned into a movie with heiress Paris Hilton in the lead role.

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